Get Started With Merch Sensei

Merch Sensei Overview

Merch Sensei is the latest and the best Merch by Amazon spy tool. We analyze product sale rank everyday to show the what are selling well. We created report which show you best products, best brands, best keywords in seconds.

Because it’s a new tool with new approaching method, please this this instruction carefully to understand what problems the tool will solve for you.

Understanding Amazon Sale rank

All reports are built from product sale rank. So you must understand about Amazon sale rank. Here are points from our experienced:

  • Under 10.000: Super hot products
  • From 10.00 – 100.000: about 5~30 sold/day
  • 100.000 – 200.000: about 2-5 sold/day
  • 300.000 – 500.000: at least 1 sold in last 2 days.

Merch Sensei Modules

Module 1: Products –  The best tool to spy Merch My Amazon design

All products: this show you about 1.5M products. You can spy by sale rank, title, price….. For example, you want to find selling halloween shirts, just search product sale rank under 300.000 and title contains “halloween”. You can click column header to sort results.


Rank Informer: This page show you all products with today sale rank is better than yesterday. It means that this page show you all products with have today sale is better than yesterday sale.  It is the fastest way to spy selling designs. You don’t have to find niche, you just watch out what are selling today then learn from them. For example, just search by “halloween”, you can see all shirts selling better than yesterday. This is the best way to see what they are selling everyday.


This tool is very powerful to find products got many sold today. See below example, it show you products which have sale rank more than 4.000.000 yesterday, but today it jump to under 50.000.

ax copy

New Products: This help you to spy new products added to the tool by day. For example, it can show you all new arrival product and selling on selected day.

bx copy

Good selling products: Good selling means products have good sale rank everyday. For example, this page help you find products with sales rank is always below 200.000 in last 3 days. You don’t need to subscribe to track product sale rank like other spy tools, this tool show you thousands of them.


Removed Products: Amazon is removing product everyday. This page show you all of them, so you easily to learn what are good or bad design.

Module 2: Brands

All Brands: List about 350K live brands. You can search good brand just with a simple filter like this (It show show brands with have at least 2 shirts with sale rank under 200.000. So you don’t have to find the brandname to spy. You just see numbers to know how it selling


New Brands: List all new brands added to tool by day. So it help you to catch new brands quickly

Raising Brands: This is a bit complicated. It answers question like: Show me brands with have shirts under 350K most increased last 3 days.

Module 2: Keywords

Top words: It answers questions like: Show me top 200 keywords in under 100.000 sale rank t-shirt. That help you find selling niches very fast

New words: It shows all new word added by tool today. If you dig this list, you can find new keyword which have only few shirts and have sale.

Tail word: This tool help you find good long tail word for your niche. For example, you want to do halloween shirts, it suggest you selling halloween keywords, then you can continue spy design from those keywords



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