How to spy deleted Merch By Amazon products

Merch By Amazon keep removing products everyday. Do you know  how many merch shirts are deleted daily? There about 5-10 thousands of them Reason could be:

  • Content violation products
  • No sale product
  • Merch Account is terminated
  • Removed by seller

If you know what products are removed everyday, we could learn from them to understand what are safe and unsafe designs.

Merch Sensei is the only tool on the world with show you all removed products everyday. Amazon is deleting about 5.000-20.000 products everyday. Look at the removed product list is the easy way to aware of dangerous design then you could delete them if you have it. Below is an example

abc copy

You might not believe there are more then 36.000 removed products from 4th Sep to 5th Sep, but that is true. You can check some ASIN to see it.

About Merch Sensei

Merch Sensei is the T-Shirt spy tool for Merch By Amazon seller. We inform you all products which have sale everyday, and alert you products are deleted. It’s not just a tool to search Merch by Amazon product, it’s a report tool. We analyze product data to show you simple reports so you very easy to see what are selling well and what are dangerous design on Merch By Amazon.

Sign up here for free trial. No Credit Card required.

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